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Annual Parish Meeting – Monday 22nd May 2023 

The full presentation is available to download by clicking this link.
Please note it is 41 pages long, with a filesize of 3.7Mb.

FRPC Annual Parish Meeting 2023 Slide Presentation

It has also been split into the 7 sections as outlined below, each with an audio recording of the section, in MP3 format

Annual Parish Meeting 2023 Title slide
Session and link to play the Audio Recording (.mp3)
Session slides

Chairman’s Introduction
by Paul Rowley.

Thames Valley Police,
Neighbourhood Policing
by PSCO Angela O’Connell

Section 1 and 2 Introduction and Thames Valley Police

Southmead Surgery

by Jane Quince & Emily Freeman

(please note: audio starts at 00:49)

Southmead Surgery Jane Quince & Emily Freeman

The Farnhams’ Neighbourhood Plan

by Leani Haim of O’Neill Homer

> Click here to download the APM FNP Summary

Report on Parish Projects

by Jenny Quilter, Chair of the Projects Working Group

> Click here to download the APM Projects Summary

Parish Council Finances

by Katherine Damsell, Interim Chair of Finance Committee

> Click here to download the APM Finances Summary

Report from the Burnham Beeches Community Board

by Cllr. David Anthony, Chairman of the Beeches Board

Burnham Beeches Community Board 2023 APM Section 7

Report from Buckinghamshire Council

by Dev Dhillon, Buckinghamshire Councillor

Buckinghamshire Council and Closing Message 2023 APM Sections 8 9