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Constitutional and Policy Documents

Parish Councils are statutory bodies which can only act under the remit given by Acts of Parliament and their constitution. The two main constitutional documents are the Standing Orders and Code of Conduct for members which are available via the links below.
The final two sections contain the Financial Regulations and the current FRPC Policy documents.


The Parish Council has adopted a number of policies accessible below. In addition if you wish to run an event on land which the Council owns or manages we will need you to complete an Events Application Form and submit a risk assessment. A copy of the form can be downloaded below.

We would draw your attention to our Grants/donations policy. Upon request the Parish Council may from time to time make grants to organisations or voluntary groups for specific things within its remit.

To be eligible, an organisation or voluntary group must have a constitution, membership rules, a bank account and keep accounts.

All grants will only be made where there is a clear benefit to the local community within the parish – for example to improve local facilities, free events to enhance community spirit or a charitable donation for services received that were of benefit to the local community in the Parish.

All applications are considered on their merits according to this policy.

It will never make grants to:-

  • any individual,
  • for ongoing running costs,
  • to political parties,
  • to any profit making organisation,
  • organisations raising funds to be passed upwards to a central HQ for redistribution or
  • to any non profit organisations to increase their funds.


For more details, please see the  full policy on donations set out below

Click on the download links to obtain a PDF file of that document