Contact the Council

In the event of a resident wishing to make contact, please write, ring or email in the first instance to:
The Clerk, Mrs Judith Hall
Address: Sherriff House, The Broadway, Farnham Common SL2 3QH

01753 648497
Email the Council
If you are reporting a problem, please give us as much detail as you can to help us correctly identify the problem.

Picking the right Council

The Parish Council is limited by law as to what it is able to do.
Many of the issues raised with us are the responsibility  of the District (South Bucks District Council) or County (Bucks County Council) Councils.
The following is a brief guide as to which Council to contact.

What does the Parish Council do?
In the Farnhams, the Parish Council owns and/or manages over 200 of the lampposts on side roads, several recreational and play areas and woodlands as well as providing public floral displays and maintaining St Mary’s churchyard. We input into the planning process although the planning authority is SBDC. We pay for the public conveniences to remain open and local litter picking as well as providing the Christmas lights. We have undertaken or supported many local projects and events such as developing a Parish Plan, Carols on the Green, providing new bins and the Orchard project. We have taken on a number of services previously provided by the County Council such as the grass cutting of verges in an effort to ensure a high level of service  and we are also involved in all aspects of village life working closely with other bodies to lend weight to issues that would benefit the community.
Our funding is primarily through the Precept which is a small portion of the Council Tax.

Please contact the Clerk – details above or one of the Councillors – contact details are here: Your Councillors

What does the District Council do?
The District Council is mainly responsible for environmental issues such as nuisance, street cleaning and waste disposal – bin collections and fly tipping –  as well as being the Planning Authority. SBDC owns and manages the green in Farnham Royal. Their phone number is 01895 837200.

Your District Councillors are:-
Dev Dhillon  
Marlene Lewis:
David Anthony:

What does the County Council do?
The County Council is responsible for adult and children social services, education and transport and highways issues. If you wish to report a pothole please contact TfB via the BCC website e.g. a Highways problem should be directed to Buckinghamshire Council Council using their ‘Report a Problem page’ or via this link.

or ring 0845 230 2882

Your County Councillors are:-
Lin Hazell ( Farnham Common):
Ralph Bagge (Farnham Royal):