A355 Traffic Survey – the results are in…

As a result of concerns raised by residents during 2019, the Parish Council commissioned Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) to conduct a traffic survey on the A355. Having received the raw data from TfB Graham Thomas, a resident, kindly agreed to review the data and produce a user friendly summary that could be shared with all residents. The Parish Council would like to thank Mr Thomas for his help on this project and presents his summary below.


The Parish Council has discussed the volume of traffic, type of vehicles and speed of vehicles on the A355 many times with local county councillors and this dialogue will continue but county councillors advise that given that the road is a main ‘A’ road the installation of physical traffic calming measures is unlikely. Their latest recommendation is to ensure that factors effecting the condition of the road such as road surface and drainage maintenance should be a focus.

In a effort to tackle speeding in the villages, last year the Parish Council tried to relaunch the Community Speedwatch initiative in partnership with Thames Valley Police. A meeting was held which was attended by some residents but unfortunately when it came to the mandatory training session, only Parish Councillors took part and the scheme cannot run successfully without more volunteers. Although the scheme is currently suspended due to Covid19 restrictions, the Parish Council would very much like to use this valuable resource and is therefore asking again for volunteers. If you are able to help please email the Clerk at clerk@farnhamroyal-pc.gov.uk to register your interest.